Video Of Monkey “Unboxing” Parcel Went Viral, Man Begs The Monkey To Return His Parcel

Ordering things online has become a convenience for us, especially during the MCO where everyone was stuck at home and was forced to get everything delivered straight to their doorstep.

Yes, there are advantages to buying things online, and there are also disadvantages… 

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Recently, a TikTok video went viral of a young man whose parcel was stolen by a wild monkey. 

In the video, the man is seen asking the monkey to leave his parcel alone, “Please, can you give me my parcel back? I don’t have money to order it again,” he can be heard saying.

Apparently, the monkey had gotten inside his gates before he could even take his parcel. In another clip, the monkey can be seen “unboxing” the parcel on the man’s roof. Alamak!

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“Brother, have you tried bartering with him? Exchange a treat or food for the parcel,” one person said. 

The video has since garnered over 460,000 views and over 45,000 likes at the time of writing.

Aiyo! What would you guys do in this situation?

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat