Netizens Express Frustration as Video of Passenger Eating in a Train and Hogging Three Seats Goes Viral

Public transportation services undeniably make it easier for all of us to get around.

netizens express frustration as video of passenger eating in a train and hogging three seats goes viralPhoto via TikTok (@teacherkalvintan)

As responsible citizens, it is crucial that we maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of these public transportation systems, as they are used by many people. Following established rules is essential, and one of these regulations explicitly prohibits eating within trains and similar modes of transportation.

However, recently, there has been a buzz surrounding the irresponsible behavior of a train passenger that has garnered significant attention.

In a video shared online, an individual was seen inside a train, recording the behavior of another passenger. The subject of this observation was a train passenger who seemed to be treating the train as if it were their own home. The passenger was not only eating but also nonchalantly dropped their food wrapper, causing a mess.

What was even more surprising was their disregard for other passengers as they occupied three seats with their personal belongings.

"Hey, next time, take your shoes with you when you leave the station," commented a netizen, expressing frustration with the passenger's behavior.

Meanwhile, a look at the comments section revealed that netizens had various reactions to this inconsiderate act.

As of the time of writing this article, the video has amassed 46.8K views, 385 likes, and 176 comments on TikTok.

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It's important to remember that public transportation should be respected and kept clean for the comfort and convenience of all passengers. This incident serves as a reminder that we should be considerate and follow the rules when using these services.

Ending Note: Eating in public transportation can lead to issues like littering and inconvenience for fellow passengers. It's crucial that we adhere to the rules and maintain a clean and pleasant environment for everyone's benefit.