“So Satisfying!” M’sian Releases Stress, Screams Until Fountain Sprouts Several Feet Into The Air

Screaming is definitely the best way to release your stress and frustrations…

A Malaysian man recently shared a TikTok video of him screaming in public, which has been making waves on the internet.

“so satisfying!” m’sian releases stress, screams until fountain sprouts several feet into the airPhoto via TikTok (@haikalsyabab)

TikTok user, Haikal, shared the 16-second video of him screaming his heart out into a tube or a horn that was situated next to a river with a fountain. 

The video shows Haikal screaming into the horn, but what caught netizens’ attention is when the fountain sprouts several feet into the air as his screams get louder. Not only that but the fountain also changed colours and it kept going higher until Haikal stopped screaming. 

“It was so satisfying,” his caption reads.


Puasssnyaaaa aku jeritttttt

♬ original sound - Ahmad Haikal - CEO of Healing

The video has since garnered over 5.1 million views at the time of writing.

Netizens were amused saying that screaming is a great way to relieve stress, “This is amazing. All my stress would definitely disappear if I could scream it all away,” said one person.

This looks cool! We want to try it, too!