"So Much Fun!" Malaysians Amused by Celebration of Friend's Graduation with Drums!

Celebrating academic success is a big deal, and one group of friends did it with so much joy and style!

so much fun! malaysians amused by celebration of friend's graduation with drums!Photo via TikTok (@notfaerr)

In a TikTok video shared by Malaysian user Nur Afifa, we see a happy moment at Universiti Malaya in Kuala Lumpur. Some friends threw a special celebration for their graduating friends, complete with traditional Urumi Melam drummers.

The video shows students all dressed in their graduation outfits, with robes, caps, and even flowers. 

Everyone in the group looked so happy, and Nur Afifa praised their celebration efforts, even though she didn't know them personally. She said, "I don’t know them, but their efforts in celebrating their friend’s or relative’s convocation was lit! Congratulations to everyone!"

People online loved the video, with one person saying, "This is how everyone should celebrate their graduation! Makes all the effort of studying worth it!" Others shared their own funny ideas for future graduation parties.

Amid the laughter, some people fondly remembered their own graduation ceremonies and the support they got from family. Many also noticed and appreciated the strong support within the Malaysian-Indian community, saying, "I love to see Indian families. Even their grandmothers will come along. I love it so much!"

@notfaerr i’m in happy tears to everyone that graduated from UM today including my sister! congrats everyone! 🩵 #fyp #konvokesyenum63 #universitimalaya #umceed #friendshipgoals ♬ wide awake bridge - katy crave 🍄

In a heartwarming way, Malaysians online were amused and touched by the vibrant celebration, showing how joy can spread even through a simple video shared on social media.