Video Of Girl Waking Up In A Panic Thinking She Was Late For School Went Viral, Netizens Amused

Remember how school used to be the most tiring thing in the world back when we were younger, and how we used to fall asleep in the afternoon and wake up at random hours, sometimes it’s so late that we thought it was already the next day?

Ahh yes, those were the days…

video of girl waking up in a panic thinking she was late for school went viral, netizens amusedPhoto via TikTok (@fauzalinafauzi)

Recently, a video went viral of a girl who woke up from her nap, frantically preparing to go to school at 7 pm because she thought it was already the next day.

The girl was seen in tears, while standing at her front door asking her mother to “hurry” or she’ll be late for school. She even had her school clothes on and backpack, all ready to go!

Apparently, the girl had overslept and woke up in a panic thinking that she was late for school, even though her mother had repeatedly told her that it was almost dusk.

“What school do you want to go to? Is your school at night?” her mother asked, “This is why we don’t sleep past noon,” her mother added. 

The video has since garnered over 6.2 million views at the time of writing.

@fauzalinafauzi Sebab orang tua2 kata jangan tidur petang #fyp #bagifyp #fypla ♬ original sound - Nel’lisa B’TQUE - NenaVille

Netizens took to the comment section to share their amusement, “She looked stressed. It’s okay, mom, just let her go to school!” one person said jokingly.

But honestly, she’s very relatable because we’ve also panicked one time thinking that we’re late for school, but it’s actually just… malam.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat