Villagers In Sabah Catch Huge Crocodile Weighing 200kg!

Recently, social media was shocked when a group of villagers in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah caught a massive 200kg crocodile that was spotted roaming around the waters near Pulau Gaya. 

A video of the 4.4m long adult crocodile went viral! 

According to The Star, the residents caught the reptile on Monday (June 14th) around 5 pm, and reported the incident to the Civil Defence Force. 

The state Civil Defence Force said they received a call from the Pulau Gaya residents alerting them that the orang kampung had managed to capture the massive crocodile.

“When the Bravo squad of five arrived in their boat, they found the crocodile all tied up.

“The team then proceeded to secure the bindings and cover its head with a cloth before transporting it to Tanjung Aru at 8:58 pm,” they said in a statement. 

The Civil Defence Force added that another team of five from Delta squad, who were waiting at the tower, assisted in moving the reptile to the Sabah Wildlife Department lorry, and the transport process was completed at 1:03 am the next morning (June 15th). 

The report added that the crocodile had been sent to the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park rescue centre for a health inspection and was released back to the wild.

villagers in sabah catch huge crocodile weighing 200kg!Photo via The Borneo Post

That is scary!

We’re glad that no one got hurt and that the crocodile is now safely back in the waters, far away from humans, where it belongs… 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat