Video Of Young Girl Befriending A Ketam Gone Viral And It’s Adorable!

Video of a young girl befriending a crab and not letting her parents turn her new friends into dinner recently went viral on TikTok. 

video of young girl befriending a ketam gone viral and it’s adorable!Photo via TikTok (@syamilahalim)

TikTok user Syamila Halim shared a video showing a young girl who made friends with a bucket full of ketam nipah, or giant mud crabs and not letting her father take the crabs away to be prepped for cooking. 

What stole our hearts is when she took one of the ketam and treated it like it was her best friend, and even brought it to watch TV with her and watch TikTok videos together. 


Budak kalau pencinta haiwan.. syg nyaaa sampai tak bg masak🤣#fypシ #masukberanda #myfoodie #fypシ゚viral #tiktokmalaysia

♬ original sound - Syamila Halim

In the video, you can see her do other activities with the crab next to her and they even take baths together. Don’t worry, the crab had its own bucket of water to “bathe” in! 

Her mom said that she is an animal lover.

But finally, her parents managed to sneakily take away all the other crabs but left one just for her. 


Reply to @nurul.aqilahh macam mana nak masak gini😂#fypシ #tiktokmalaysia #fypシ゚viral #masukberanda

♬ original sound - Syamila Halim

This is so funny and adorable. We need an update on this friendship, please!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat