“It Looks Cool!” Video Of Man With Very Unique Hairstyle Went Viral, Netizens Amused!

We have all done it before. We think about a new hairstyle we have been dying to try out, but we fear all the possible cons that come with it.

But not this man!

“it looks cool!” video of man with very unique hairstyle went viral, netizens amused!Photo via TikTok (@tresaraman19)

Recently, a video went viral on TikTok of a man whose hair looks like a trunk.

The video, shared by user @tresaraman19 shows a man walking by with a very unique hairstyle. She then called the man over because she wanted to see his hair.

“Come here, your hair looks so nice. Why did you make it like this?” the woman can be heard asking. 

The man’s hair kind of resembles a tree trunk, and even had little red and green colours around it which made them look like little flowers and leaves. 

Netizens took to the comment section to share their amusement, “This is called the basket cutting. We can put all of our stuff inside,” one person said jokingly.

“This hair is rare, Kak, you have to set it yourself. No one can do this,” said another person. 

@tresaraman19 Found Ampang Romeo (Who can find the shape?) 😂🫣 #tresaraman19 #tresaraman ♬ original sound - 𝓣𝓻𝓮𝓼𝓪 𝓡𝓪𝓶𝓪𝓷🍃🥀

The video has since garnered over 257,000 views and over 13,600 thousand views at the time of writing.

That’s a cool hairstyle. Very… unique! What do you guys think?

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat