Video Of Frontliners Saving COVID-19 Patient At Quarantine Centre Goes Viral!

Our frontliners are doing the best they can to make sure all COVID-19 patients go back home to their families safely.

But sometimes, that’s just not the case…

A video recently went viral, shared by TikTok user (@hakaktravel), of our frontliners trying to save a COVID-19 patient’s life.


terpaksa up sekali lagi. yang tadi TT hide kan.. Untuk pengetahuan semua, mangsa meninggal disitu. moga Arwah bersama org beriman.

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Sadly, this is our reality now, so please don’t be complacent!

Remember that COVID-19 is very real and it’s here in our community! If we don’t take care of ourselves and the people around us, more and more people will get infected - our frontliners are stressed and overworked, while hospitals have reached their maximum capacity. 

video of frontliners saving covid-19 patient at quarantine centre goes viral!Photo via TikTok (@hakaktravel)

Our condolences go out to those who have tragically lost their loved ones to the virus. 

Please stay at home and stay safe, everyone.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat