Video of Lee Chaemin And Ryu Dain "Caught" On A Date Goes Viral, Allegedly Recorded By Malaysian Fan!

In recent news, the entertainment world is abuzz with reports confirming the romantic involvement between actors Lee Chae-min and Ryu Da-in... 

video of lee chaemin and ryu dain caught on a date goes viral, allegedly recorded by malaysian fan!Photo via TikTok (@dynhsna)

Both of their respective agencies have officially acknowledged this relationship, revealing that their bond began to form during their collaboration in the series "Crash Course In Romance,” and since then, they have been gradually getting to know each other.

Adding to the intrigue, a video capturing the couple on a date in Seoul has surfaced, causing quite a stir on social media platforms like X and TikTok. 

The footage depicts the pair strolling together serenely, with Lee Chae-min gallantly holding onto his partner's coat and bag.

What's particularly noteworthy is the origin of the video. It was actually uploaded by an unsuspecting Malaysian fan who happens to be currently pursuing studies in Korea. By sheer coincidence, this fan encountered the couple during their private outing and inadvertently captured this candid moment.

@dynhsna saw lee chaemin and ryu dain(myeong jaeun in pyramid game) around tongin market(통인 시장) !!!😭✨ side note;eye contact with them before they went to lunch but just recording them from afar cause we didnt want to disturb them.🥹 #crashcourseinromance #leechaemin #musicbank #ryudain #myeongjaeun #pyramidgame #kdrama #fyp #fypシ ♬ we cant be friends - chan

How random! 

As news of their blossoming romance continues to spread, fans eagerly anticipate further glimpses into their relationship and wish them all the best in their journey together.