Ustaz Ebit Lew Helps Family In Kelantan That’s Been Living In A Collapsing House

The pandemic has affected all of us, and many people have lost their jobs and are now struggling to put food on their table.

A Facebook post shared by celebrity preacher, Ustaz Ebit Lew, showcased a family in Kampung Alor Bakat, Kelantan, living in a house that could collapse at any time.


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In the caption, he wrote: “My heart breaks for this family. Who wouldn’t be sad to see a house like this? The house is located here in Kampung Alor Bakat, Bachok. There are no rooms and the toilet is outside.

“They only use clothes as walls to separate it into rooms. This house is about 30-years-old already. They go to work in the village, and at the same time, raise goats underneath the house,” he added. 

Ustaz Ebit also said that the house looks like it was going to collapse, as the wood was all rotten, with the roof and floor too old. 

He said: “I never thought that there are people living in a place like this. It’s dangerous.”

Due to the family’s condition, Ebit Lew has decided to build them a new three-bedroom house, which will cost roughly around RM30,000 to RM40,000.

ustaz ebit lew helps family in kelantan that’s been living in a collapsing housePhoto via Instagram (ebitlew)

“I won’t be alone in this. There are others that will help me with the construction. The Welfare Department has also reached out to me to help.

“All thanks to God, I was informed that JKM had visited the family and they agreed to approve a RM750 assistance for the five children - RM150 each. So, thank you JKM and Zakat,” he added in his post. 

We’re so glad that the family will soon be getting a safer and more comfortable place to call home! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat