US-Based YouTubers Kumaar Family Buys 100 Sandwiches For Homeless After Hitting 100K Subscribers

us-based youtubers kumaar family buys 100 sandwiches for homeless after hitting 100k subscribers

Photo via Twitter

If you don’t already know the name, Logesh Kumaar, you’d know that the Malaysian from Klang, Selangor and his American wife run a YouTube channel called “Kumaar Family”.

The couple have had the channel for quite some time, although they gained traction on social media last month, after Logesh’s video of him speaking Bahasa Malaysia to his wife for 24 hours went viral.

Their channel recently reached 100,000 subscribers, and to celebrate their milestone, they decided to buy 100 Subway sandwiches and give them to the homeless around their residence in California, US.

And if this isn’t the most heartwarming video you’ll see this week!

Homelessness is a big problem in many parts of the world, including Malaysia, and in the state of California alone, there were over 151,000 homeless people on record as at the end of 2020.

The Kumaar Family thanked their fans, saying they couldn’t have done it without all their support.

It’s great to see these random acts of kindness from Malaysians everywhere! Spread love, people!


by Kyle Roshen Jacob