Upin & Ipin Graves Found In Indonesia, Video Went Viral Online

If you’re Malaysian or if you live in Indonesia, Singapore or Brunei, we bet you’ve heard of Upin & Ipin!

upin & ipin graves found in indonesia, video went viral onlinePhoto via DigLogs

Upin & Ipin is a popular Malaysian cartoon that recently became a hot topic in Indonesia after the graves of both characters were allegedly found. A TikTok video has recently gone viral which took the internet by storm!

In the video, it stated that Upin & Ipin were in fact, real people who passed away in a road accident. The video also proposes a theory that in the events that took place in the series are the hallucination of Opah, the twin’s grandmother who had to deal with the aftermath of their deaths. 

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According to Gamer Braves, the tombstnes which are believed to be located in Indonesia, revealed that Upin passed away on August 6th 1995, while Ipin passed away a year later on April 2nd, 1996.

The video and theories even trended on Twitter!

Due to the overwhelming speculation, the studio behind Upin & Ipin, Les’ Copaque Production came forward to offer an explanation. They stated that Upin & Ipin is purely a work of fiction and is not based on any person, living or dead.

Wah, what a coincidence!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat