Heartfelt Exchange! Elderly Johor Uncle Gifted His Beloved Motorcycle to University Student To Go To Class

Sometimes, older people pass down their wisdom and help younger ones in families. But this special thing can also happen in neighborhoods. 

Older folks sometimes give away something important that once belonged to them that they think would benefit and help the younger ones.

heartfelt exchange! elderly johor uncle gifted his beloved motorcycle to university student to go to classPhoto via Facebook (448 Foodbank Johor 食物银行)

One really nice story from 448 Foodbank Johor 食物银行 recently went viral. In the post it shows an elderly man who was giving his beloved motorcycle away to a University student because he allegedly couldn’t ride it anymore due to his health.

The caption explained, "A student from UTM (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia) had trouble going to class, or anywhere especially during the break in between his classes.

“Meanwhile, we also know of an Uncle who needed to give away his motorcycle. He have thought about letting it go for a while now because he couldn’t ride it anymore due to his old age, and his health.”

They also said that they brought the Uncle and the student together for a little ceremony, “The student didn’t have to worry about getting to his classes and the Uncle felt good knowing his motorcycle could help someone who really needed it.

“They both were really happy,” they said in their caption. 

A UTM student faced some difficulties in transportation to go to the campus, especially during university's holiday...

Posted by 448 Foodbank Johor 食物银行 on Tuesday, 1 August 2023

Wah, what a heartwarming story!

We hope the student enjoys using the motorcycle and makes the Uncle proud.