UK Researcher Says Malaysia’s Healthcare Is “Too Expensive” And Malaysians Are Not Having It!

Nature magazine recently shared an article featuring Malaysian molecular immunologist, Audrey Teh, who is currently conducting research at St George’s Hospital, University of London. 

uk-based researcher says that malaysia’s healthcare is “too expensive” and malaysians are not havingPhoto via Nature 

Usually, Malaysians would be happy to hear that a fellow countrymen are doing well in their field, but apparently this time, Malaysians are more upset over a statement she made to the magazine. 

In Nature’s “Where I Work” section, the magazine quoted Audrey saying, “I’m from Malaysia, where we don’t have state health care, and I’ve seen families bankrupted by medical bills,” which angered Malaysians. 

Health director-general Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah has responded to the statement and said that the article had made a “gross misrepresentation of the Malaysian health system.”

He even pointed out that the country achieved universal health coverage in the 1990s and provides highly subsidised healthcare for all residents through its public hospitals and clinics.

DG Hisham also congratulated Teh for her research work, saying: “The country is always proud when Malaysians are involved in worthy evidence-creation.”

Both the magazine and Audrey have been getting backlash and negative responses from Malaysians, and some even showed evidence of their hospital bills to prove their point. 

The article is still on their Twitter feed since 22 October, and they have not aplogised or even responded to the comments in any way.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat