2-Year-Old Earns Spot In The Malaysia Book of Records For Naming The Most Type Of Transportation!

This little two-year-old boy identified 163 types of transportation in less than 10 minutes… We didn’t even know that there were THAT many!

2-year-old earns spot in the malaysia book of records for naming the most type of transportation!Photo via Instagram (@shalu_mua)

Even the average adult has trouble naming several modes of transportation, but a young boy has recently named over a hundred types of transportation and even set an astounding national record.

On September 2nd, two-year-old Yaashan Thiyagu set a new Malaysia Book of Records (MBR) by accurately identifying the most number of transportation - 163 to be exact in 9 minutes and 37 seconds.

Yaashan’s mother, Shalu took to her social media to share the wonderful news to all of her followers…

“As a mother, I was impressed with Yaashan because of his focus on identifying all the means of transportation listed in the slideshow.

“We noticed Yaashan’s talent when he was 2, where he was able to remember each of the words that we thought him within seconds,” speaking about how she discovered his son’s talent. 

She also said that at one point, he finished 5 boxes of flashcards containing over 200 cards and he was able to correctly identify all of them. That’s very impressive!

Shalu also noted that every day they keep adding more vocabulary for her son to learn, identify and remember, “Congratulations to my handsome son, Yaashan Thigayu on this very outstanding success!”

What an amazing achievement.

Congratulations, Yaashan, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat