Two Kids Play With Self-Order Kiosk & Adds RM17,000 Worth Of Food Into Their Cart!

A TikTok video that was uploaded by user @rmdhn_._ recently went viral showing two kids who managed to rack up a hefty RM17,000 bill at a self-service ordering kiosk.

two kids play with self-order kiosk & adds rm17,000 worth of food into their cart!Photo via TikTok (@rmdhn_._)

In the video, two young kids can be seen adding items into their basket, while constantly looking at each other’s screen, and we’re guessing it’s because they’re trying to see who can get the highest amount of money. 

The girl is then seen tapping on the “+” button, multiplying her orders and ends up adding RM188 worth of corn into her basket. That’s a lot of corn!

She is then seen jumping in excitement as her bill amounted to a whopping RM17,152!

“Dik, you’re that rich, huh?” the caption reads. 

The video has since garnered over 4.3 million views at the time of writing.


kaya betul kau dik 😭💀🗿

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Malaysians took to the comment section to express annoyance, however, there were those who were amused by the video.

“Do they think this is a game where you have to collect the most points to win?” one person asked.

“RM17,000 what are you trying to do? Buy the restaurant?”

What do you guys think of this?