Two Hippos Got Married In Ipoh, Believed To Be The First Hippo Wedding In Malaysia!

Two hippopotamuses at the Lost World of Tambun’s petting zoo got hitched in a simple ceremony at the zoo’s hippopotamus kingdom on Wednesday (April 21st).

According to Malay Mail, the park’s general manager, Nurul Nuzairi said that the preparation for the wedding began last year when the one-tonne male hippopotamus, Jiwang, was procured from a zoo in Pahang.

She told reporters: “We have been trying to get our female hippopotamus, Juwita, a mare since she first came to us five years ago as we wanted to ensure the male mate was from a different gene pool.

“It is to ensure the calf they get will be a healthy one,” she added.

She added that Juwita who was procured from a zoo in Kuala Lumpur is 21-years-old while Jiwang is estimated to be between eight to 10-years-old and Juwita is currently the ideal age for calf bearing…

“Hopefully by Hari Raya we will get good news,” she said. 

During the ceremony, the newlyweds were fed a basket of fruits to celebrate their union during their “makan beradab”.

Our hearts are full! Can’t wait to see little baby hippos running around the zoo soon! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat