Two Brothers Use Their ‘Floodcycles’ To Help Their Community

two brothers use their ‘floodcycles’ to help their community

Photo via Astro AWANI

We’ve heard plenty of stories of Malaysians in rural areas making the most out of floods, such as swimming and even making DIY boats to float around.

This story of two brothers in Setiu, Terengganu, first reported by Bernama last year, is literally making waves, again!

Ikram Shahidi Mat Kail, 25, and his brother, Muhammad Zakaria, 23 initially modified motorcycles that can move in deep water just to get around in the floods, but recently, they started using their creations for the good of their community in Kampung Banggol.

Ikram and Zakaria are now helping to reduce the losses of fish farmers by using their ‘floodcycles’ to get to the locations of nets used to trap fish, and retrieving fishes that had escaped from ponds due to the floods.

“Last year, after our story went viral, many people contacted us via Facebook to congratulate us. The success of riding through floods prior to this makes us more creative and we can complete the unique modification on the motorcycles in less than an hour,” Ikram told Bernama.

The motorcycles not only still function when completely submerged in water, but are also able to move fast, even though the water level is at the rider's neck.

And it seems they are indeed successfully trapping fish.

“This fish will be handed back to the breeder and put back into the pond. Some of the breeders here are our own relatives and we know each other. We do not ask for any payment, just to help, but sometimes farmers give a little money as a token of gratitude,” said Ikram.

The ‘floodcycles’ are also useful means of transportation.

“Recently, some villagers asked us to take their children out of the flooded area by riding motorbikes, as it is safer than wading through the water.”

Ikram made it clear he and Zakaria fully believe in their passion, adding that they would continue to help the villagers during the monsoon season and are ready to help modify the motorcycles of interested parties.

This honestly looks so cool!


by Kyle Roshen Jacob