Tupperware Also Teachers Have To Wash Is It?

On top of having to take care of naughty children, teachers are just godsent for having to endure some overly critical parents.

Recently, a kindergarten teacher had to face the wrath of an angry mother over an unwashed Tupperware. In a Facebook post that has since been removed, the teacher shared a few screenshots of the conversation she had with the hot-headed mother.

“Are you too lazy to wash plates at home”

“Don’t make me embarrass you in front of everyone”

“Why are you so lazy”

“Don’t tell me that we don’t pay you to wash plates”

“Just wash it out of insecurity”

tupperware also teachers have to wash is it?Photo: The Reporter

According to an article by The Reporter, the mother also when as far as threatening to report the teacher and calling the teacher ‘kurang ajar’!

After not getting the response she wanted from the teacher, the mother then proceeded to reveal the teacher’s treacherous act to the kindergarten’s main Whatsapp group to get both parents and other teachers to rally on her side.

“Do you want to hear a scary story” the mother exclaimed as if the teacher had committed a horrifying murder.

tupperware also teachers have to wash is it?

Photo: The Reporter

According to The Reporter, the Facebook post was shared by the teacher’s child who was clearly angered by the fact that his/her mother was treated like a maid.

“Wow. Does she think my mother is her slave? She’s a kindergarten teacher. You think it’s the teacher’s responsibility to settle everything your child does?”

“A teacher’s job is to teach. If every parent relies on the teacher’s kindness to attend to their child all the time, won’t the class be neglected?”

“You haven’t even taught your child how to use the toilet without peeing their pants, you expect teachers to also wash your child’s Tupperware”

tupperware also teachers have to wash is it?Photo: Vitdaily

The Reporter also shared what netizens had commented on the viral post and clearly everyone pitied the teacher for having had to face such a spiteful mother.

tupperware also teachers have to wash is it?

Photo: The Reporter

We hope this serves as a reminder to all parents that teachers are not maids, and should be treated with respect!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya