Taylor Swift's Boyfriend, Travis Kelce, an ATINY? Fans React to His Recent TikTok Post

In an unexpected blend of American football and K-Pop, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce recently brought attention to the popular South Korean boy band ATEEZ. 

taylor swift's boyfriend, travis kelce, an atiny? fans react to his recent tiktok postPhoto via TikTok (@traviskelce)

Kelce, known not just for his football prowess but also as the boyfriend of pop superstar Taylor Swift, posted a TikTok video featuring ATEEZ's latest track, "WORK," while showing himself working at a car wash.

For those unfamiliar, Travis Kelce is a prominent NFL player, celebrated for his skill on the field and his vibrant personality off it. He's also gained additional fame through his relationship with Taylor Swift, making him a well-known figure even beyond sports circles.

ATEEZ, on the other hand, is a rising K-Pop group that has captivated fans worldwide with their dynamic performances, catchy music, and strong stage presence. The group debuted in 2018 and has quickly gained a massive following, known as ATINY, short for "ATEEZ Destiny."

Kelce’s TikTok, featuring "WORK," garnered significant attention. The official NFL TikTok account reposted the video to its 14.2 million followers, boosting its reach. With over 4.5 million views, 516,000 likes, and 5,000 comments, it stands as one of Kelce's most popular posts to date.

ATEEZ fans, thrilled by this unexpected promotion, expressed their excitement across various platforms. Many wondered if Taylor Swift might also become a fan of ATEEZ through Kelce. Some even dream of seeing ATEEZ perform at a future NFL halftime show, a testament to the group's growing global influence.

The ATEEZ subreddit buzzed with excitement, as fans shared their surprise and delight at the unexpected connection. This moment underscores the expanding reach of K-Pop, illustrating how it continues to permeate diverse facets of global culture, including American sports.

@traviskelce Get your ride looking right for the summer at @Club Car Wash ♬ WORK - ATEEZ

We hope to see a Travis Kelce and ATEEZ interaction soon!