Meet Tompok! The Latest Cat Trying to Join the Capybaras at Zoo Negara!

Do you remember the famous orange cat that successfully blended in with the capybaras at Zoo Negara, even gaining official permission to stay?

Well, it seems 'Oyen' now has some competition...

meet tompok! the latest cat trying to join the capybaras at zoo negara!Photo via TikTok (@masyitaahmadshaza)

A new cat, affectionately named 'Tompok' for its black, brown, and white fur, has been spotted attempting to make its home among the capybaras in the enclosure.

Unlike Oyen, it's evident that Tompok won't be able to blend in as effortlessly. A TikTok user, @masyitaahmadshaza, shared a delightful 24-second video capturing Tompok's attempts to infiltrate the capybaras' domain, while Oyen observes its new rival with caution.

Interestingly, the capybaras seem completely unfazed by the newcomers and continue to go about their daily lives without a care in the world. 

The video's comments section was filled with amusement from Malaysians who found the feline antics entertaining. Some even jokingly wondered whether the Zoo Negara enclosure was meant for capybaras or had turned into a cat shelter.

One witty commenter speculated that the capybaras must be pondering whether the place is their home or the cats', as the feline population keeps growing day by day. Another observed the irony of cats befriending capybaras, considering that cats are typically considered natural enemies of rodents like rats.

@masyitaahmadshaza Siap interview abg yang bawa tram, bang oyen ni memamg makan minum semua sini je ke.. Dia ckp, tak la, kadang berjalan juga tempat lain, tapi paling dia suka lepak2 kat sini la.. 😂 #oyenzoonegara #fypcat #fypシ #cat #fyp #foryourpage #zoonegaramalaysia #zoonegaramalaysia2023 ♬ Sometimes I'm Alone (Lonely Cat) - The Kiffness

It's heartwarming to see these two cats attempting to befriend the capybaras in such a charming manner, making Zoo Negara a unique and amusing attraction for visitors.