To All Our Delivery Men, We Love You 3000!

It’s a tough time for many in the delivery business who are handling countless parcels and packages, especially since Malaysians are at home and are constantly making online purchases. That said, sellers have resorted to sending love notes to our delivery men that might just turn their frown upside down!

In a tweet that has since gone viral with more than 12,000 retweets, Twitter user @hannabunnyb shared a package she received with a “love” note dedicated to our hardworking delivery men.

It reads “To the handsome Abang Courier, please do not throw this as the item inside is easily broken, thank you, love you 3000”

But that was not only the parcel attached with this special dedication, some users had also shared the packages they received from sellers with these cheeky reminders.

One seller jokingly asked the handsome and charming abang postman to handle the package with care in fear of losing his/her job.

Some sellers even called their deliverymen “sayang”.

While others pretended that the item inside has feelings, begging for the love of their delivery men.

Netizens were amused at the effort of sellers to ensure the safety of their items and pointed out how happy the delivery man would be to receive such loving words.

We’re all for spreading more love so thank you to all the delivery man out there for handling our packages with care. We love you 3000!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya