TikToker Breaks Nasi Kandar Sulaiman Record, Spends RM222 For A Plate Of Nasi Kandar!

When it comes to Nasi Kandar Sulaiman, us Malaysians know it like the back of our hand. This restaurant has become such a hit that you'll often find eager foodies lining up for a taste.

tiktoker breaks nasi kandar sulaiman record, spends rm222 for a plate of nasi kandar!Photo via Facebook (Nasi Kandar Sulaiman)

And guess what? This place is not just popular offline but online too! It's always making waves on social media, showing off its record-breaking sales of Nasi Kandar for one hungry customer.

Last month, someone spent a whopping RM218 on a Nasi Kandar feast, setting a new record. But hold your breath, because today, that record was smashed again with a jaw-dropping RM222 spent on this beloved dish.

The big spender? Someone who is quite well known on TikTok! They made sure to show off their eating skills at this restaurant, proving they can handle a hefty meal like a champ.

Let's talk about the feast - we're talking squid, prawns, chicken, squid eggs, okra, rice, and mutton - all piled up high on the plate. 

Here’s a breakdown of everything he got on his plate:

  • Squid: RM7.50 each x 16

  • Prawns: RM7.50 each x 10

  • Chicken: RM5.50 each x 2

  • Squid eggs: RM7.00

  • Okra: RM1.00

  • Rice: RM1.50

  • Mutton: RM7.00

Despite the challenge, this foodie polished off everything in just 55 minutes, proving once again Malaysians' unbeatable love for good food.

Pecah rekod RM222🔥📢. All time biggest record ever. Fuhh orang penang lagi. Seorang makan semua ini. Amat-amat dasyhat....

Posted by Nasi Kandar Sulaiman on Wednesday, 7 February 2024

What do you guys think? Could you eat that much food?