TikTok Sensation Newt Whips Up Authentic Nasi Lemak in Response to Malaysian Fan's Request & Nailing It!

Filipino-American TikTok sensation Newton Nguyen, widely known as Newt, has recently shared a video on the popular social media platform showcasing his culinary skills as he prepares nasi lemak.

tiktok sensation newt whips up authentic nasi lemak in response to malaysian fan's request & nailing it!Photo via TikTok (@newt)

In the one-minute clip, the influencer, celebrated for his distinctive cooking content, introduces the launch of his latest series where he takes on cooking challenges based on requests from his fans. The inaugural episode of this series features Newt crafting nasi lemak, a dish suggested by Khalif, a Malaysian fan he encountered in Kyoto, Japan.

Injecting humor into the video, Newt jokingly remarks, "This is the first and last time I'm letting a handsome person be on my page, okay? Do you want to outshine me? I know what you're trying to do, Khalif, if that's even your real name."

The cooking process unfolds as Newt meticulously prepares the components of the dish. He starts by dicing ginger and lemongrass for his ayam berempah, blending them with an array of spices and seasonings for marination. Concurrently, he crafts the sambal by blending dried chili, ginger, red onion, and the essential ingredient, sambal belacan.

The rice preparation involves steaming it together with red onions, ginger, lemongrass, and coconut milk. As Newt skillfully cooks each element of the dish, he proudly presents his version of nasi lemak, adorned with a hard-boiled egg, before indulging in the final product.

Adding a touch of humor in the video caption, Newt shares a playful exchange with Khalif's mother, who suggested that preparing the dish would be a breeze. Newt humorously disagrees, stating, "Please tell your mom that she's a liar, making this was not easy. My grocery list was 16 items."


Nasi Lemak for Khalif 🫶🏼 It was lovely running into you and your family in Kyoto! Please tell your mom that she’s a liar 😭😭 making this was not easY. My grocery list was 16 items 💀🧍🏻‍♂️

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Malaysian netizens flooded the comments section with expressions of admiration and approval for Newt's take on nasi lemak. One user remarked, "Good job, that's a perfect nasi lemak."