Three Kittens Stranded On Train Platform, Rescued By ERL Staff

Twitter user, Fatin Nadhirah who was traveling on the KLIA Transit railway spotted three furry kittens who were allegedly stuck under the interior of the roof.

She added that the cats looked afraid and that she wasn't able to find an on-ground staff to help at the time. 

The staff at KLIA Ekspres responded quickly after the post went viral. And just two hours later, they updated on their official Twitter page that the on-ground staff were able to catch one of the kittens.

The team then continued their efforts to catch the other two kittens, and finally, the next morning, they announced on Twitter that they have rescued the remaining two kittens. 

Not only that but the cats have been adopted into loving homes. 

Yay, we’re so glad they’re safe now!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat