This Young Man Managed To Open His Dream Nasi Lemak Stall Despite His Disabilities

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. And this 28-year-old young man is an example of that!

Muhammad Nor Abdullah, who was born without both his arms, opened a nasi lemak stall which he named ‘Nasi Lemak Bujang’ in July this year. 

this young man managed to open his dream nasi lemak stall despite his disabilitiesPhoto via Free Malaysia Today

He told Free Malaysia Today that he saved up money for a few years to open his dream nasi lemak stall. 

“I will usually buy nasi lemak packets for RM1 from a friend, and then sell them for RM1.50,” he said.

There are days that he is left with a few unsold nasi lemak, but that does not demotivate him.

“As long as I still have my legs, as long as I am strong enough, nothing is impossible.”

So if you’re near a 7-Eleven store in the vicinity of the Cheras LRT station, you’re sure to bump into his little nasi lemak stall set up.

According to FMT, he sets up shop at 7:45 am every Tuesday to Sunday and stays put until the last packet of nasi lemak is sold.

Recently, however, his business has been so brisk that his food would all sell out by 9:00 am. 

Photos of Nor have been going viral since last week, of him setting up his stall all by himself, and carrying the tables and chairs from his house using just his shoulders, which is no easy feat for someone in his condition!

“Due to my physical condition, it is not easy for me to get a conventional job. Therefore, I am really grateful to have a business like this. I was shocked when my friend told me that my nasi lemak business had gone viral,” he added.

Truly an inspiration! We wish nothing but the best for you, Nor!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat