This Young Boy Pushing His Father’s Wheelchair Shows The Harsh Realities Of Many Malaysians

The COVD-19 pandemic hitting the nation has brought out the harsh realities of many Malaysians who are losing their incomes, and are barely able to make ends meet.

On April 18, Twitter user AZ, shared some of his encounters while giving out food aid to those in need.

One story that touched the hearts of many was of a young boy who was pushing his father in a wheelchair. According to AZ, the boy has been pushing his father around for almost 10 years since the father lost his legs and had steel put in to replace them. Even his wheelchair looked like it was giving way.

When they were given food and drinks, the boy was concerned that it won’t be enough, in which the father replied,” it’s enough, save some for those who need them too”.

Next, AZ, along with the group of volunteers, visited a family of 4 living in a tiny apartment.

One of the volunteers first noticed that the apartment had no kitchen and the family was only using a small rice cooker for all their meals. The wife then explained that ever since the start of the Movement Control Order (MCO), she had tried seeking for help, but nobody believed that her family deserved it.

The family tried to rent a proper room but was turned away due to the fact that they have small children and they ended up staying at the tiny apartment despite being in debt.

The family were grateful for the help they received.

The volunteers even gave them face masks as the family had no facemasks to give to their children.

The volunteer group then went to the Pasar Seni Bus Stop area to give out more food handouts, alongside face masks and hand sanitizers to those who are in need in the area.

What AZ had seen and gone through while volunteering invited many netizens to reflect on their own lives as compared to the lives of others who are struggling just to put food on the table.

Let this story be a reminder to everyone to help one another especially during a time of crisis.

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya