This Singaporean Uncle Has The Coolest Wheelchair-Friendly Bike Ever!

Is it a car? Or is it a motorbike? We’ll never know! 

this singaporean uncle has the coolest wheelchair-friendly bike ever!Photo via Facebook (Thelocalsociety)

It’s pretty common to see people who are wheelchair-bound to be driving around in a car or riding motorbikes as special fitments can be added to these vehicles to make them wheelchair-friendly and accessible, along with special controls and brakes mounted in positions that can be used by the person’s hand.

Pretty cool, huh?

Though these modifications are already very impressive, one Singaporean uncle decided to take it a step further. 

In a viral video shared on TikTok by user @Ricky21212, you’ll see a cool-looking car… probably a motorbike, parked outside a building in Singapore.


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It kinda looks like a car, but it also looks like a motorbike. We’re so confused but impressed at the time!

Meanwhile, a Facebook user also shared a photo on Thelocalsociety Facebook page of the vehicle and presumed to be the owner, at a traffic light in Singapore. 

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Posted by Thelocalsociety on Tuesday, September 21, 2021

In the photo, we can clearly see the man sitting on a wheelchair while driving the vehicle. 

However, there’s also a ‘hatch’ on the motorbike which we assume can fold down and act as a ramp for the man to wheel himself into his vehicle.

In the comment section, one person who claimed to have known the uncle for years clarified that his vehicle is road legal.

Looks cool, kan?

If you’re in Singapore and you see this Uncle riding his special vehicle, please slow down and be careful, okay? Drive safe, guys! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat