This Sabahan Student Spent 24 Hours In A Tree So She Could Complete Her Online Exams

Since the Movement Control Order (MCO) was implemented in our country on 18 March, it's been compulsory for all schools and universities to close in order to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus. 

Students, especially university students have to make-do and make sure that they attend all their online classes and submit their assessments on time just to make sure they pass the semester. 

this sabahan student spent 24 hours in a tree so she could complete her online examsPhoto via YouTube (Veveonah M.)

Well, this extraordinary Sabahan student spent 24 hours on a tree just to get stable internet connection for her online exams, which also serves as a reminder that there are people who still struggle to get the most basic thing which almost all of us have today - internet connectivity. 

A foundation student from University Malaysia Sabah (UMS), Veveonah Mosibin, started a YouTube channel during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period to share what it’s like to live in a rural area in Sabah.

Veveonah did not intend to spend the night on a tree because previously she had built a hut on top of a hill that had stable internet connection, but later discovered that the hut had partially collapsed, probably due to strong wind and heavy rain. 

It was very sad to see, but she pulled herself together and quickly decided that staying at the top of a tree is the next best thing. She brought only her phone, power bank, some food, a bottle of water, and a mosquito net with her to survive the night. 

In the video, she said that the night was challenging for her as she did not sleep well because of the cold and there were a lot of strange noises, “Last night was so cold, I couldn’t really sleep. There were also too many noises.”

Before she went to bed she also revealed that she works in her family’s orchard every day in order to put food on the table. Her family also goes to bed as soon as the sun goes down, to save on candles as they have no electricity.

Her determination and hard work is such an inspiration to all of us. We hope you did well in the exam, Veveonah! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat