This Pre-Wedding Photoshoot During The MCO Will Leave You In Awe

While the MCO is meant to keep all Malaysians safe at home, we can’t help but to feel a little sad about missing all the important events that were planned months ahead of time.

This couple, however, decided to commemorate their special day by creating memories that they will cherish for a lifetime.

In a six-part photo series titled ‘Of All The Things That Could Have Been', a couple posted what was supposed to be their pre-wedding photoshoot, all done within the confines of their own houses.

Lisa Ameera, a photographer, shared the photos on her Instagram and Twitter accounts and wrote, “Today, 4-4-2020, was supposed to be our wedding day. In memory of what could have materialised, here are some of our self-shot pre-wedding photos with the distance, pandemic, and all its shenanigans keeping us apart.”

According to her Instagram post, all photos were shot in their individual homes during the quarantine period and that taking the pictures has helped both of them cope in some ways for missing such a big event in their lives.


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In a picture of both of their hands with the background of their unique wedding invitations complete with wax seals, Lisa wrote that they designed, sourced materials, packed and wax sealed their own invitation cards and recalled how difficult the whole process was.


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For the wedding, Lisa was supposed to wear her sister’s wedding dress while her fiancé, Faiesall, was to wear his dad’s blazer. In the photo, both of them were seen in front of their respective houses all decked out in their wedding attire, in excitement and glee as if they’re meeting each other for the first time.


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Lisa also wrote that she was still hopeful that they would be able to proceed with their wedding when the MCO was first announced to only last for 2 weeks. However, after the MCO was extended and that it was declared that no gatherings for social events were allowed, she was at a loss for words.


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Despite all that has happened, Lisa understands that she came from a place of privilege and that there are far worse circumstances that other people have to go through. In the end, she just wants everyone to be safe.


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With her previous engagement bouquet in hand, Lisa also took the time to thank all her friends and family for the love and support, especially during a time of crisis.


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Lisa’s photos have gone viral across social media with many flooding her comments section to offer comforting words to this bride-to-be.

Congratulations to this beautiful couple for their own celebration of love and we hope Lisa and Faiesall do get their dream wedding soon!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya