This Pharmacist Who Paid For A Mother’s Bill Touched Our Hearts!

Netizens were touched by an act of kindness by a pharmacist who settled a mother’s bill.

Twitter user, @anne_nma, who was recently at the Pusat Perubatan Intan in Kuala Terengganu, shared the touching moment on social media. 

this pharmacist who paid for a mother’s bill touched our hearts!

“I was waiting at the clinic entrance waiting for my father who had gone in to see the doctor at around 10 pm. Other clinics are closed by this time, but this one operates 24/7. That is when I heard a woman at the nearby pharmacy having a chat with the pharmacist at the counter,” she told NST. 

She said that the woman was looking to purchase medicines for her infant child. 

The pharmacist handed her the medicines and told her the bill came up to RM60 in total. 

“Instead of money, the mother handed the pharmacist a card, an aid card distributed by the government, but unfortunately the pharmacist said that the pharmacy does not accept the card,” she said. 

The mother had no cash in hand and decided against buying the medicine. 

She added that the pharmacist was taken aback and was quick to offer the mother to pay the bills. The mother at first refused but the pharmacist was persistent. 

“I then offered to pay the mother’s bill while paying for my father’s medicines, but the pharmacist said she was more than willing to bear the cost.

“To the pharmacist, I pray for you and your family for easing the mother’s burden, especially during these trying times. You are a hero,” she tweeted. 

This is what being a Malaysian is all about! We help each other out, especially during this difficult time. 

Remember to always be kind to each other, guys! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat