This Pakcik Proves That Pumping Petrol Slowly Does Not Give You More Gas!

As a driver, there have been a ton of tips on pumping petrol and most of them are tips and tricks to get more petrol than what you paid for! 

But does pumping your petrol “slowly” while refueling your car get you more gas? No one actually knows the truth.

this pakcik proves that pumping petrol slowly does not give you more gas!Photo via instagram (@pakcikshell)

Intrigued by the theory, Shaizan Huzani also famously known on social media as Pakcik Shell came forward to debunk the theory by doing an experiment on it.  

On his Instagram page, Pakcik Shell uploaded a series of videos showing him testing the theory using a special container. 

Uncle Shell had an assistant to help him fill up two of the containers with 10 litres of oil by using different techniques - the first using the usual technique where you press the nozzle quickly and pulling fully, while filling the second container using the “slow” technique by pressing the nozzle slowly like people have claimed.

...and the results turned out that the theory used by the public so far is a myth as both containers managed to get the same amount of petrol which is 10 liters. 

So, guys, stop holding up the line and pump your petrol normally! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat