This Mum Makes Awesome Furniture For Her Daughter’s School!

Musukubi Shamsuddin couldn’t afford to contribute money to her daughter’s school, so she decided to make furniture instead (which we think is super cool!)

this mum makes awesome furniture for her daughter’s school!Photo via Facebook (Seri Nurul Ehsan)

According to the Malay Mail, the 48-year-old single mother is a Parent and Teachers Association (PTA) member at her daughter’s school, Sekolah Rendah Islam Nur Ehsan.

The furniture is a part of her contribution that will benefit the 154 students that attends the primary school.

“I felt that I could use my skill to make these furniture, so I did. I noticed that there was a lot of furniture in the school that could not be used anymore,” she told BERNAMA. 

Musukubi, also known as Kak B to those close to her, said that she decided to make the furniture as she is a member of the PTA, plus her 8-year-old daughter is also a student at the school.

She has made bookshelves, cupboards for the Quran and prayer mats, as well as desks, chairs and counter tables using thick plywoods.

Terima kasih banyak Puan Musukubi Shamsuddin, salah seorang ahli PIBG sekolah yang hampir 2 minggu bertungkus lumus...

Posted by Seri Nurul Ehsan on Friday, June 19, 2020

Seri Nurul Ehsan shared in a Facebook post, pictures of Kak B constructing the furniture, with the caption: “Thank you, Puan Musukubi, one of the PTA members at this school who has been working day and night for two weeks completing the furniture.”

She added, “I indulge in carpentry for my personal satisfaction even though I do receive requests from parents who ask me to build home furniture after seeing my products.”

Well, we can understand why because her furniture looks amazing! 

Thank you, Puan Musukubi for your generous effort in making sure the students have a comfortable learning environment. 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat