This Man Was Allegedly Blocked By MOH’s Twitter After Correcting Inaccurate Info

this man was allegedly blocked by moh’s twitter after correcting inaccurate info

Twitter user Azhar Ibrahim has slammed the administrators of the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) official Twitter account, after allegedly blocking him for correcting inaccurate information on one of their tweets.

In a tweet, Azhar pointed out that MOH had no right to block him out of personal spite, as the account is an official government account meant for the people.

It seems this occurred after Azhar addressed one of their tweets about the ratio of doctors to each resident, which stated the ratio of one doctor to every population in Malaysia as 1 : 454.

In reality, the statement contradicted the actual information released by the World Health Organisation (WHO) where developing countries require a ratio of 1: 400 instead of 1: 500 as pointed out by MOH’s official Twitter account.

What do you think about MOH’s reaction?


by Kyle Roshen Jacob