This Malaysian Produced 1,000 PPE Face Shields From His Dining Table

Malaysians are doing everything they can to help the frontliners, whether by giving out food, producing PPEs, and donating face masks, hand sanitizers, and gloves. 

this malaysian produced 1,000 ppe face shields from his dining tablePhoto via Twitter (Vishan Nair)

One Malaysian, Vishan Nair turned his dining table at home into an assembly station for 1,000 face shields (as part of the headgear in a PPE) that he produced with a 3D printer.

Vishan explained to Metro UK, that after seeing several viral videos on social media posts showing frontliners using makeshift face shields to protect themselves from COVID-19, he decided to put his 3D printer to good use.

“I’m working as part of 18 volunteers and we have now distributed over 6,000 shields to over 40 different hospitals and health clinics across Malaysia, as well as Plas Y Bryn Medical Centre in Wales.”

He added that they all work from their homes and it takes roughly 40 minutes to print each shield and another 20 minutes to punch holes into the acetate sheets and assemble the finished product.

He added that his family members were eager to help and the project has brought the family closer to each other, “Now I have the spare time available and this feels like the least I can do for the frontline workers who, in my opinion, are absolute heroes.”

“In my home, it has been very much a DIY family effort: my dad punches holes, my mum rounds off the corners of the visors, and my 13-year-old brother joins me in the assembly stage,” said Vishan. 

He and his family have made some 1,000 face shields over the course of four weeks, and they were delivered to hospitals via Grab. 

Thank you for your contribution, Vishan! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat