This Malaysian Artist Loves to Create Miniature Realities

this malaysian artist loves to create miniature realities

Photo via EdgeProp

You would think it’s real still-life photography, when you see local artist Eddie Putera’s work.

His attention to detail is almost unfathomable, and it’s hard to believe that the 53-year-old does all of it by hand!

In his latest project, Putera revisited his childhood to recreate his grandfather’s kampung in Alor Setar, Kedah, and we have to say, his depiction exceeded expectations as always.

It’s safe to say that most of you have probably never even heard of Kampung Seberang Pumpong, but Putera’s work definitely gives you an “exclusive look” at the place, as though you’re physically there.

You can see some of his previous works in the Twitter thread above.

Putera not only sells extremely realistic dioramas, which most people buy as gifts, but he also takes special requests.

What do you think of Eddie Putera’s work?

by Kyle Roshen Jacob