This Lady Is Selling Super Ring Snacks For RM50 Per Pack!

Remember Uncle Roti, the go-to man for us to get our supply of bread, kaya spread and of course snacks?

We’d be lying if we say we didn’t get our Super Ring snacks from him too - the cheesy, crispy and delicious keropok that turns fingers orange. 

this lady is selling super ring snacks for rm50 per pack!Photo via mStar

Though in Malaysia, that snack is commonly sold for around RM2 per pack. But did you know there’s actually a high demand for it in places like America and they’re definitely worth more than RM2!

Rabiatul Adilah Ibrahim has been making some extra ka-ching by selling odd Malaysian items to people abroad - including Super Ring, because just like us, they love it! 

According to mStar, she has been doing the business online - through the e-commerce platform eBay, for almost a year already but has just received requests from the United States. 

“I got a high demand for Super Ring recently and it’s strange,” she said. “The demand came from the United States because I sold the items on eBay. Imagine, a RM1.60 packet of Super Ring can sell for as much as $12 dollars (RM50) over there.”

Wow, that’s RM50 for a packet of Super Ring!

this lady is selling super ring snacks for rm50 per pack!Photo via mStar

Other than Super Ring snacks, Rabiatul also received orders of pandan leaves and even mosquito repellents.

“One of the unique items that I’ve sold includes mosquito vape and I have sold around 24 packs in just two to three days. The request came from Finland so it made me wonder if there is a lot of mosquitos over there,” she added. 

Who knew this simple keropok snack can make THAT much money. 

Be right back, setting up our own eBay account now...

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat