This Kind Teacher Provided Free Masks To His Students

Malaysia has implemented the mandatory mask-wearing rule in crowded places, starting last week (1 August) to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

...and those who do not comply with the new rule will face a fine up to RM1,000.

Although deemed a necessary measure to contain the virus, not everyone can afford face masks and disinfectants like hand sanitizers. 

Recently, a picture of a man scouring a pile of rubbish went viral. It was reported that the old man (believed to be homeless) was trying to find used face masks that he could possibly wear to avoid being fined by the authorities. 

Shortly after, Fazri Hassan, who is a full-time educator, shared on his Twitter, an image of a face mask worn by one of his students which looked worn out and even had stitches at its corners to keep it intact. 

The caption stated: “Today, I took some time to talk to my students about wearing face masks in crowded places. I was shocked when I saw one of my student’s worn-out face mask.”

He also said that some of his students even change their face masks every two to three days. 

“This might be my student’s story, but maybe there are also other teachers out there who has the same experience with their own students,” he wrote.

“I have replaced the student’s face mask with a new one, and I even provide extra ones for free just in case there are more students who actually couldn’t afford to buy them.”

He also urged the public who want to help donate, that they can help out by sending over face masks, hand wash soap and hand sanitizers to local schools, to help lighten the burden of parents and to make sure the students get the necessary protection when they’re at school. 

If you have an extra box of facemasks to spare, why not drop it off at a school in your area? The only way we can fight against this virus is to work together and help each other! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat