This Is Heartwarming! Aunty Doing Exercises Shocked To See Others Following Behind Her!

Recently a video went viral on TikTok of an Aunty stretching, while a group of young men follow behind her.

this is heartwarming! aunty doing exercises shocked to see others following behind her!Photo via TikTok (@syakzsendu)

The video, which was uploaded by user @syakzsendu and has recently gained over 230.9 thousand views at the time of writing, shows a Chinese aunty who was seen exercising and stretching her body before starting skating. 

But what touched the hearts of many was her reaction when she realized that there were a group of young men who also participated in the exercise. 

It puts a huge smile on her face!

Netizens shared their amusement in the comment section saying, “This is heartwarming to watch. We really can live in harmony as one.”


Terkejut anty tu tetibe ade jemaah kat blakang😂

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How cute! 

This is why we should always live kindly with other Malaysians regardless of our background. Through simple social interactions like this, we are able to learn about the differences and similarities that exist between us. 

Baru lah Malaysian!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat