This Instagram Shop Helps Couple To Sell Their 'Memories'

Break-ups usually end in tears, with one or both partners often wanting to remove every aspect of their ex from their life, even gifts that they were given.

this instagram shop helps couple to sell their memories

Malaysians are now taking things to another level, via the Instagram account, @kedaipernahsayang. The Instagram shop helps people to sell things belonging to their ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends online, and we’ve noticed that more and more people are offering to sell their stuffed toys, shoes, jewellery, and other miscellaneous items once owned or gifted to them by an ex.

...there’s even an iPhone, guys! 

If you look through all the pictures posted on the Instagram page, there are also personal notes and their level of hatred towards their ex-lover. 

Even funnier, one person wanted to sell a motorcycle that was gifted to them by their ex!

The shop updated their Instagram story, saying: “This platform is for anyone who wants to get rid of their memories with their ex. Don’t be shy to DM us, because we will help you. We’ve all been through it before and we understand the pain.”

this instagram shop helps couple to sell their memoriesPhoto via Instagram (@kedaipernahsayang)

The Instagram shop has since garnered a lot of attention, especially from people who’ve never thought about selling their old stuff from their ex.

Some even praised the Instagram owner for coming up with the idea to sell their things, instead of throwing away or destroying them.

So, boys and girls, this is the time to sell all the old belongings or gifts from your ex-girlfriend or your ex-boyfriend. Apart from avoiding waste, you could also make some extra cash! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat