This High School BFFs Falling In Love 7 Years Later Is Just Too Cute!

Most of us have probably experienced what we called “puppy love” (which refers to an intense feeling of love that happens between teenagers during their school years) and most puppy love stops as soon as they leave school.

this high school bffs falling in love 7 years later is just too cute!Photo via Twitter (Umairah Rosman)

But don’t be surprised, sometimes people DO get married to their high school boyfriend or girlfriend, just like this couple on Twitter - Mohd Amirul Ashraff Yusoff and Nurul Umairah Rosman.

Umairah shared a “throwback” picture on her Twitter account of her and Amirul when they were still in school, side by side with a picture of them during their wedding day - and of course netizens were quick to respond to the post. 

Many congratulated the couple and wished them the best in life. 

Umairah and Amirul tied the knot on February 8, and have known each other since 2012. That was 7 years ago! 

The post has since gained over 16,000 retweets and 43,000 likes! 

You know how the saying goes, “Sweet sangat boleh kencing manis!” 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat