This Group Of Friends Bought An iPhone For Their Best Friend And Now We Have All The Feels

If you’re looking for the ultimate bromance, here it is!

A group of friends decided to gift their dear old friend a present, an iPhone to be exact, and it just made us all catch the feels!

In a tweet that has since gone viral, Twitter user Faizal (@Faizallilbrhm) recorded his friend Ajmi's reaction when the whole gang decided to surprise him with a gift.

Faizal wrote that Ajmi’s phone was ‘all kinds of broken’ and that he was still using it even after four years.

“After sticking with him through thick and thin, it’s the least we could do to appreciate him”, wrote Faizal.

In the video, Faizal and his friends first wanted to jokingly throw the old phone away, claiming that it was broken. They then placed the new iPhone, sealed in a box, on the table where Ajmi was sitting and playing games.

Ajmi just couldn’t believe what was happening and kept shoving the new phone away.

“Take it, man,” said Faizal.

“We collected our own money to get you this,” said the other friend.

Ajmi finally broke down in tears, as did all of us watching the video….

The tweet has garnered more than 36,000 retweets with netizens praising the level of bromance and friendship the group had with one another.

Faizal thanked those who shared kind words about their special moment and even took the time to remind others to love and appreciate one another (aww….).

Ajmi also tweeted that he was grateful to have such loving and kind friends and that he couldn’t help but shed a tear every time he watched the video.

We can’t help but stan this group of boys for being so supportive of one another. Maybe it’s time we check up on our friends too!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya