This Dog Rescuer Received A Lovely Surprise From A Stranger And It’s So Sweet!

For over five years, Mandy Yeap has been rescuing strays, but yesterday afternoon, she was surprised and touched by a stranger who gave her RM50.

It was after she took a stray dog to visit the veterinarian, and she decided to make a quick stop at a petrol station to get the dog some water.

this dog rescuer received a lovely surprise from a stranger and it’s so sweet!Photo via Facebook 靜靜向

Speaking to the Malay Mail, she said: “As I came out from the toilet with water in a styrofoam box that I had used earlier for my breakfast, a Malay man seeing I had trouble opening my car door helped me instead.”

She continued to explain that upon seeing the dog in the passenger seat, the man then asked Yeap what had happened to the dog. 

After explaining what happened, the man walked into the petrol station’s convenience store while she continued to give the dog water. But just as she was about to leave, the man then came back and handed her the RM50.

She said: “I initially wanted to decline but he insisted that I take the money as he wants to do charity for the dog.”

“I swear at that point I wanted to cry as this was the first time someone actually gave me money in my years rescuing strays,” she added.

Yeap shared the story on her Facebook page and had since received thousands of reactions from netizens. 

下午在油站停车拿水 一位abang看我没手开车门 因我手拿着水盆 就帮我开门 之后看到一只躺着的狗狗 问我这狗狗怎么了? 我说天气很热 我怕狗狗中暑 拿水给它喝 他问我狗狗怎么了 我说狗狗是救回来 怕它太渴了 之后Abang说 你真好...

Posted by 靜靜向 on Monday, August 3, 2020

Her caption said: “I’m so grateful. We don’t know each other, but he gave me money for the dog. I asked for his name, but he said ‘it’s okay, Tuhan tahu’. It’s fate. I am grateful”

What an amazing story!

Despite the differences in our language and religion... helping each other out is universal. Always be kind to the people around you and kindness will come back to you!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat