This Dad Is On His Way To Being Instafamous!

this dad is on his way to being instafamous!

It’s time to be honest here - it takes a lot of patience to teach someone how to use social media. More often than not, our grandparents or parents end up being confused. 

Twitter user @EndangHyder recently shared screenshots of a conversation between her and her dad, where the older man asked his daughter for help to promote his Instagram account.

Calling her Etot, he said he got four extra followers after his birthday thanks to his daughter, and wanted to get more followers so he could share his writing and mountain climbing experiences. He then asked how Etot managed to get over 20000 followers, to which she responded “Ayah… I also don’t know but maybe cause I play the violin”.

She followed up by telling her dad “Wait till you see Rihanna’s IG”, and her father asked who she was and whether he could get her to follow his Instagram too. Too cute! The generational gap is strong, but we can tell the father is trying his best to stay up to date!

In a follow up tweet, Etot’s father reported that he now had over 1000 followers and asked for advice on what to post. According to Etot, he had been asking since 2a.m. - it’s adorable how excited he is!

Netizens were amused by the exchange, and many quickly followed Etot’s father, putting his follower count at 2,689 followers as of now. That’s already more than most of us regular Instagram users!

Among the many requests received, the most popular one seems to be for her dad to play the saxophone!

For those who want to give Etot’s dad a follow, his Instagram handle is @zainuddinottok.

By: Celestine Foo