This Couple Is Doing Some Incredible Work Rescuing Strays!

Nurul Ain and her husband, Muhammad Razeef prove that ALL animals - including dogs should be treated equally.

this couple are doing some incredible work rescuing strays!Photo via Instagram (nurulainabdulhamid)

Nurul Ain, speaking to Channel News Asia said that she has more than 400 cats and around a dozen dogs under her care at the SI Home Shelter, and they’ve also grown emotionally-attached to the dogs they rescue. 


selamat pagi semua dari dodi , naomi campbel & bryan

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It has become especially hard for her to give them up to their new forever families.

Muhammad Razeef recalled his first experience rescuing a dog. 

“I saw it being hit by a car and took it back. I wanted to find someone who would adopt, but I couldn’t so it became my pet for seven years before it died to kidney failure,” he said. 

Two and a half years ago, Nurul Ain rescued a yellow mongrel, named Marvela, who she found injured and tried to nurse back to health. 

“Her two front legs were infected and had to be amputated. It was very traumatic for me,” she said.

Marvela continued to live a happy life like any other dog, despite the odds, and even found her a temporary adopter, Malaysian celebrity couple Harith Iskander and his wife, Jezamine Lim.


Thank you @drjezaminelim & husband encik harith iskander sudi untuk menjadikan marvela sebagai temporary adopter @ anak angkat terima kasih sudi memberi kasih sayang pada marvela yang pada asalnnya adalah anjing jalanan yang mempunyai masa lalu yang sedikit tragis Saya beritahu pada mereka bahawa berat untuk saya melepaskan sepenuhnya anjing pertama yang saya selamatkan ini saya sudi berkongsi kasih sayang, saya diberitahu bahawa mereka akan jaga marvela untuk 3-4 minggu tapi saya beritahu saya tidak kisah bila bila mereka bersedia untuk hantar marvela dan bila bila mereka mahu ambil marvela balik rumah , dan andai kata mereka belum bersedia untuk menghantar marvela saya akan melawat marvela di sana .. Saya diberitahu wheel chair marvela yang baru akan dibelikan oleh mereka . Dan mereka suka dengan kehadiran marvela dalam hidup mereka . Walaupun anjing ini dipandang benci oleh sesetengah masyarakat , Alhamdullilah masih lg ada yang menyayangi .. sedangkan dalam islam kita diajar berbuat baik kepada haiwan , sedangkan dalam islam kita dibenarkan membela anjing untuk tujuan berburu menjaga kebun apatah lg perkara yang lebih mulia di mana kita menjaga anjing yang perlukan perlindungan .. dan menyelamatkan mereka ..malah dalam islam diberi kemudahan sertu .. Marvela adalah anjing yang tidak mempunyai kedua dua belah kaki depan dan pernah dibuli dipukul orang dahulu Semoga ramai lg orang yang terkenal membantu dan menyayangi makhluk Allah ini.. Amin InsyaAllah 🙂

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Amazingly, Nurul Ain still gets frequent updates from Marvela’s new family, and even gets to visit her on some occasions. 

And as part of a shared custody agreement, she even takes Marvela back to her home every now and then. How adorable!

The SI Home Shelter also takes in cats, which make up most of its residents, and since the shelter was founded in 2012, they have rehomed over 1,000 of these stray animals. 

We think they’re doing an amazing job, and wish that more people would treat stray animals with kindness. 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat