This Company Wants Robots, Not Humans

this company wants robots, not humans

Demanding employers are not something new, but most of the time, they aren’t completely unreasonable. In this case, however… 

Recently, Twitter user Q came across a ridiculous job ad online and posted it on Twitter, where it inevitably went viral. 

The position was for that of an office admin, with a rather basic job scope - data entry. Sounds alright, right? That is, until you get to the requirements. 

The employers start off by stating they only want candidates with “perfect attitude”. While we sort of understand what they want (because what employee doesn’t want a perfect candidate?), that’s a rather poorly worded statement. Listing down some key characteristics they are looking for instead would be much better. That’s not the worst of it, however.

Having off days and compassionate leave is something pretty basic. Accidents happen all the time, and deaths are unavoidable. Employers are human too and should be entitled to time off when necessary. This employee, however, specifically stated “no off day to attend funeral” and “no off day to help any friends or family member if they accident”. The company also added to the threat by saying that if the attendance of the staff isn’t good, they would blacklist the employee on local job websites. 

Unsurprisingly, netizens were outraged. Some made jokes out of it, calling it Slavery Sdn Bhd, while others suggested they hire robots and artificial intelligence to work for them instead. Also, given that it’s the internet, online detectives quickly got to work and identified the exact company. At the time of writing, there were already multiple negative reviews on Google about the company saying that the employers were unethical, unprofessional and capitalists. Upon further checks, however, most of the negative reviews have been deleted.

Nothing further has come of this issue so far, but we certainly hope no one falls for this kind of treatment! 

By: Celestine Foo