This Cikgu Uses Plastic Bags To Build Imaginary Swimming Pool For His Students!

Teachers are the unsung heroes who give their hearts to what they do, every single day. 

this cikgu uses plastic bags to build imaginary swimming pool for his students!Photo via Twitter Muhammad Nazmi (@chuckee_little)

An English teacher in Sarawak, Muhammad Nazmi Rosli went above and beyond when he built a “swimming pool” out of recyclable material for his students. 

He told the Malay Mail that he used 200 blue plastic bags to build the pool and shared some pictures of his students ‘swimming’ in the pool on his Twitter.

He was teaching his students in Lawas the importance of following safety rules and regulations and had to make do with whatever materials he had, “This is how the teachers in the rural area teaches. We use whatever we can as a teaching material.”

“We didn’t have any blue fabric to use for the pool so we had to use these plastic bags. Of course, I keep them afterward to reuse them,” he added.

The 27-years-old teacher said that the lack of facilities in rural schools challenged him to be more creative, “I am sometimes jealous of my friends who are placed in the city as they can access more advanced education platforms. But now I feel like I am the perfect fit for this school.”

You’re doing great, Cikgu! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat