This Adorable Doggo Wearing A Face Mask Definitely Stole Our Hearts!

This adorable doggo named Wukong definitely stole our hearts with its cheekiness!

In a TikTok video shared by Marlia Zulkapli, a stray dog is seen walking around happily with a face mask on his face. 

this adorable doggo wearing a face mask definitely stole our hearts!Photo via TikTok (@marliazulkapli)

Marlia, who is also a veterinarian, said that the stray, who she named Wukong, is always hanging around her clinic. 

In the video, she captioned: “His name is Wukong and he likes biting stuff. He always collects old face masks that people litter.”

She also said that someone had put on the face mask for him. 

Interestingly, Wukong does not seem bothered with the face mask and even played with his other stray friends with the face mask still on!

Like… look at that wagging tail, he is definitely a happy boy! 


Wukong ni kami jaga dan simpan di sangkar belakang klinik waktu malam. Siang kami lepas, mlm kami kurung. #ilovepet #doctorvet #adoptdontshop

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Marlia even called Wukong a few times to help him take off the face mask, but Wukong ignored her and continued to play with his friends. 

But don’t worry, Wukong did take off the face mask on his own which Marlia then told him to go and throw it away.

So cute! 

Guys, even dogs understand that it’s important to follow SOPs. Be like Wukong and remember to always wear your face mask! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat