This 7 Year Old Is Definitely A Businessman In The Making

We wish we could come home from school and have doubled our pocket money too!

this 7 year old is definitely a businessman in the makingPhoto: Google Images

Well, that’s just the case for this seven-year-old young boy in Sabah. He went to school with RM2 and came home with RM4.

On just the second day of school, Hasmi was not expecting any surprises from her son, who was only on his first year.

She was shocked to discover that her son, Qaiser Rifqi Martin came back home with an extra RM2 in his pocket.

Hasmi took to Facebook of her astonishment of her son’s sneaky marketing tactics in school to double his money.

She said that her son came home from school asking for his piggy bank because he wanted to “deposit” some cash.

“I thought he had stolen the money from his friends, but when I asked him where he got the money from, he said that he made it selling grasshoppers to his friends,” she explained.

Her husband, Martin Tamrin works as a sailor and spends more of his time at sea, so she uploaded the post on Facebook to share some of Qaiser’s early school memories with him while he was away.

Hasmi post has since caught a lot of attention with over 6,000 likes and 4,000 shares on Facebook since it was uploaded last Friday.

Now, where can we find those grasshoppers? Asking for a friend...

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat